About me

Ming-Tsung Hung intro:
  I am robot doll designer Ming-Tsung Hung.
I am from Taiwan. Since I was little, I was intetersted in art, design, and toy. When I was a college student, I was also very interested in robot. After graduated from school, I took a job about industrial product design. I am still very interested in robot and toy. Currently, I am fully focused on designing and making the robot dolls.

Ming-Tsung Hung(洪) 簡介:

  我是美少女機器人創作者 Ming-Tsung Hung(洪),我來自台灣,從小就對藝術、設計、玩具很有興趣,念大學的時候對機器人也很感興趣,畢業後曾在工科領域的公司工作過,平時對玩具與機器人 方面充 滿熱情,喜歡設計製作自己喜歡的機器人和玩具。目前正專注於設計製作美少女機器人。